Host a Theatrical Screening

Host a Theatrical Screening

large, packed dark auditorium with a great movie playing

Hosting an INTELLIGENT LIVES screening event in a movie theater is free and easy. Just follow the steps below. You pick the date, time, theater of your choice – GATHR does the rest.

Sign up to become an INTELLIGENT LIVES movie host by clicking the Host a Screening button above.

This will take you to the GATHR Theatrical On Demand® screening request form. Filling out the form is quick, easy, and costs nothing. Once you submit the completed form, you will receive a confirmation email from Gathr. You will become a Movie Captain and your screening will be underway!

How does this work?

  1. You select the day (starting 10/1/18), time, and preferred movie theater to screen INTELLIGENT LIVES. GATHR contacts the venue to set it up and will tell you exactly how many tickets need to be sold in order to Green Light the screening.  
  2. You invite everyone you know to the screening. Promote your screening using social media and our Host a Screening Kit.
  3. Once the minimum number of tickets have been sold, your screening gets the Green Light! 

Learn more about GATHR Theatrical On Demand®

For technical support with the GATHR Theatrical On Demand® platform, please contact GATHR directly

Want to host a screening in your local community center, school, library, or faith institution? No problem! Purchase the INTELLIGENT LIVES Education Kit.

Film length: 70 minutes


Challenge perceptions. Open doors. Host a screening.